Layne Norton Peak Week: Competition Stack

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1. BCAAs

Why Use It: BCAAs increase protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown. They also aid in post-workout recovery.

How Much: 1 heaping scoop in between meals and pre-workout, 2 scoops post-workout

2. Creatine

Why Use It: Increases strength and cell volumization. Helps maintain strength and fullness.

How Much: 5 grams per day

3. Beta-Alanine

Why Use It: Works synergistically with creatine to enhance strength and delay fatigue.

How Much: 6 grams per day (2g 3x/day)

4. CLA

Why Use It: Increases fat oxidation and helps maintain lean body mass.

How Much: 3 capsules per day (1 cap 3x/day)

The final weeks before your contest are the most important. Dial it in and take home a win!

Main | Nutrition | Supp Stack | Water & Sodium | Training & Cardio | Posing | Stage Presence

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